Cleaning the air conditioner for Tet season through Daikin application

Daikin Vietnam air conditioning service booking application helps customers save time and keep the air fresh for the family.

Representative Daikin said that the application is available on Android and iOS operating systems with features such as: scheduled maintenance, repair, accessory purchase … Particularly for maintenance, this application provides many translation packages. basic and advanced services to meet user needs. Basic package includes: spray wash, sterilize the indoor unit by hot steam. Advanced packages include: a service that adds a filter to help eliminate bacteria, viruses, and protect the health of the whole family during the epidemic season. This cleaning service applies to Daikin air conditioners and all brands of air conditioners in the market.

Application of genuine air conditioning maintenance “Daikin Vietnam”. Photo: Daikin.

When the application is installed on a smartphone, customers enter address information and select a maintenance appointment. The application will connect with the nearest Daikin technician according to the location. According to representatives of Daikin, technicians are personnel selected by this company and trained professionally, will come to work at home.

Technicians are equipped with labor protection uniforms, health protection and safety during the Covid-19 epidemic season. Technicians will present clear staff cards, perform stormy maintenance and advanced equipment, to help clean the air conditioner in accordance with genuine standards.

Bacteria, mold, and dirt build up in the air conditioner if it is not cleaned periodically.  Photo: Daikin.

Bacteria, mold, and dirt build up in the air conditioner if it is not cleaned periodically. Photo: Daikin.

Mr. Tuan Tu, 31 years old, Ho Chi Minh City has used air conditioning maintenance service through Daikin Vietnam application, said: “On the occasion of Tet, home cleaning and maintenance services are often overloaded. Last Tet, I had to waiting for two weeks for maintenance, being charged expensive when replacing air-conditioner cylinders Using Daikin Vietnam application, I received a quotation in advance, clear service process and full equipment to keep the air conditioner running stably. The indoor unit is hygienic, so my parents and children have less cough and respiratory diseases. “

Mr. Tu has used Daikin air conditioners for many years and is satisfied with the quality. When experiencing the service and application of the company’s new air conditioning maintenance, he is more secure in cleaning and maintaining the air conditioning on the busy Tet days. He is satisfied and gives 5 star rating to the maintenance technician.

Daikin Vietnam application interface.  Photo: Daikin.

Daikin Vietnam application interface. Photo: Daikin.

Sharing about this application, a representative of Daikin said: “General cleaning and maintenance of air-conditioners at the end of the year is very necessary, avoiding the hard work of finding reputable repair sources when the Lunar New Year approaches many chaos. Broken air-conditioner, lots of dust will bring bad air. Ideal living space needs comfort, fresh air Cleaning air-conditioner also means feng shui. , good fortune goes up, health, longevity, abundant wealth “.

Daikin also affirmed that the company has a team of professional technicians, highly specialized, trained in accordance with Japanese procedures. Costs, maintenance items will be updated and known in advance to make customers feel secure when using.

Air conditioning is an important electronic device, helping to purify the indoor air that is always circulating and fresh. With the characteristics of the climate and soil of Vietnam, the air conditioner must operate at full capacity, after a period of overload, covered with dirt and bacteria deep inside. Air conditioners need to be properly cleaned and maintained periodically to optimize equipment, to ensure their performance contributes to maintaining a quality air source, ensuring the health of users.

Nguyen Le

Daikin has over 95 years of experience, specializing in the residential, commercial and industrial air-conditioning segments. To date, this group operates in more than 150 countries with more than 100 manufacturing plants.

In Vietnam, from 2014 to 2018, Daikin led sales, according to a report by International Market Research Group Euromonitor. Daikin’s products are voted by consumers and experts as “Excellent Air Conditioner Brand” at Tech Awards 2020 organized by VnExpress.

Download the application “Daikin Vietnam” here to immediately experience the leading standard service of air conditioning specialist from Japan.

On the occasion of the new year of Tan Suu, customers receive a 20% discount on a standard maintenance service package when entering the TETDK code and gifting a set of unique red packets, and at the same time have a chance to win Daikin air purifier when Service booking through the application before 9/2 in 4 areas: Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Can Tho.


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