Classes teach ‘money men’

ChinaA company called Ling Tongtong Love Academy advertises that they have courses that teach women how to use beauties to “hook” on expensive gifts.

Ling Tongtong identifies himself as “godmother of green tea girls” (green tea refers to girls with an innocent appearance, cunning insides), helping women get whatever they want from a man. he is pursuing himself. Through “brainwashing” and various forms of “mental manipulation”, “teachers” will teach students how to make men fall in love with, indulge them with expensive gifts or show off expensive feelings.

In the advertisement, a customer named Boho said he had “launched a trick” with people who liked him and received gifts worth more than half a million yuan (1.75 billion) since he was a student. In a recent promotional video, Ling Tongtong himself shared a mantra: “Old men are chill, old men foot the bill”.

They have many courses such as: goddess training course, farewell course, full marriage course, each course is worth 3,999 yuan (14 million dong). Ling Tongtong asked potential customers to provide detailed chat history with the man they wanted to flirt with, so that the company could recommend the right course, a salesman of the company revealed. .

Linh Tongtong’s company the fox teaches women how to “mine” high-handed men, but when studying, many people find out they cheat. Image: Sixthtone.

Upon entering the school, many people were dissatisfied with the curriculum and denounced Ling Tongtong’s Love Academy as “deliberately spreading the discord between men and women”. One customer reported to the police after finding out that the curriculum was “unscrupulous” and asking for a refund.

According to the The Paper, Although it is registered in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, Ling Tongtong’s relationship consulting firm is mainly online. The market watchdog in Xuzhou city once asked Ling Tongtong to change the previously infringing contents. Last week, the company’s social media accounts on the Weibo and WeChat platforms were removed.

Even though the business license was revoked and fined, Lin’s company still has 1-to-1 classes available. “The need for students is huge. We are not doing anything illegal,” said the company representative. said and said that it is adjusting the curriculum to suit Chinese culture. Most of their customers are in America.

Love, sex and relationship consulting is a flourishing “industry” in China over the years. Since 2007, the art of flirting (pick-up artist), abbreviated as PUA, has been imported back to the country by Chinese students. PUA teaches men how to talk to and molest any object, but in China this “art” is corrupted, not only for money, but also to depress the opponent, manipulate psychology, make them commit suicide. . Thousands of companies and websites offering male dating advice have sprung up. One of the most popular websites, Paoxuewang had nearly 2 million members before being shut down in 2018. It is estimated that more than 6 million Chinese paid for PUA lessons.

The Chinese government has worked hard to quash these “love academies”. But they constantly change the form of activity. According to the The Paper, Although the outside of the company is Linh Tongtong teaching women how to mine men, but the form of activity is no different from classes teaching men to extract money from women.

Ding Jinkun, a lawyer in Shanghai, said Ling Tongtong’s classes could constitute illegal business activity. “Their ideology is basically promoting illegal activities including fraud, extortion, and psychological manipulation that cause people to commit suicide. Business must not violate public order and religion. basic virtue, “the lawyer said.

Angela Xiao Wu, a media researcher at New York University (USA) said: “These classes partly reflect the great social pressure that makes Chinese women think to take advantage of others, to focus on investing. in love, marriage is the way to have a prosperous life “.

Bao Nhien (According to the Sixthtone)


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