Clan crime: eviction lawsuit against Remmos

Berlin-Neukölln – No end to the quarrel! Because the Remmo clan did not move out of a villa even after the lease had been terminated, the district filed a lawsuit. Now the possibility of a comparison failed.

Both parties – the district of Neukölln and the family of Arab origin – yesterday ruled out a settlement at the Neukölln district court. Now the court will hear witnesses – under increased police protection.

Issa Remmo, head of the notorious clanPhoto: Sven Meissner

According to the district, the real estate dispute is about a forged lease and a broken relationship of trust:

► The district has owned the property since 2020. It was previously owned by Jusuf Remmo, a son of clan boss Issa Remmo.

► The house and property are among the 77 properties that the public prosecutor’s office confiscated in a spectacular procedure in 2018 – they were not bought with legal money.

► In August 2021, the district of the family gave notice and set a deadline for moving out by the end of October. When the clan failed to vacate the mansion on November 1, the district went to court.

Jusuf Remmo (right), son of clan boss Issa Remmo, on Thursday in the Neukölln district court

Jusuf Remmo (right), son of clan boss Issa Remmo, on Thursday in the Neukölln district courtPhoto: Timo Beurich

In August, the district office also put up a fence between two parts of the property: Only the residential building is part of the existing lease – not the garden! On the other hand, the Remmos complained, part of the lawsuit was the forged lease according to the district office. For district mayor Martin Hikel (SPD) an “insurmountable breach of trust”.

The Remmos deny the forgery and refer to agreements with their property manager. He also received 6,800 euros in rent, which the district is still demanding.


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