Circus director Patrick Renz: “Our greatest Christmas wish is a woman”

Wedel (Schleswig-Holstein) – The tree is lovingly decorated with glittering balls, garlands and a large star at the top. Ringmaster Patrick Renz (41) and his three sons have stacked gifts underneath, set up some wooden figures and an illuminated reindeer sleigh.

Only one thing is still missing in the circus round: a woman! “It would be our greatest Christmas wish!” Said the four.

In the summer, BILD reported that the single father of three boys would finally like to have a wife with him again when he tours the country with his “Circus Renzini”. Currently, the four of them have set up the yellow-red tent in Wedel (near Hamburg) on ​​the fairground: the Christmas decorations on trees and light chains are flashing and glowing everywhere, a fire is flickering in the floor-standing stove.

“We want our viewers in a wintry one Magic land kidnap ”, says Renz,“ have designed a new Christmas program with 14 acrobatics and artistry numbers. ”In addition to juggling and clown performances, there is also a thrill when the knives and axes fly at the cowboy act.

Father Patrick swings the lasso: cowboy act with knife throwing Photo: private

Many callers answered after the first BILD report

After the first BILD report, several interested parties got in touch, says Renz: “There were a few calls, but the great love wasn’t there yet. The women were all very nice and interested – but it quickly became clear that they weren’t ready to travel around the area with us. But with two of them I’m still in phone contact. “

However, there was also a surprise, the ringmaster is happy to say: “My childhood friend Nicole also got in touch, I hadn’t heard from her for a long time: We were both 15 when we became a couple and we fell deeply in love. I brought her back home after a performance in Oldenburg, we kissed on her doorstep, that’s how it started. ”

At that time Patrick was traveling with his family and the circus. The teenagers were together for a year – but then it fell apart because they kept breaking up.

Even now it doesn’t work out with Nicole: “She is in steady hands. But we want to stay connected. “

Hot number: Patrick Renz as a fire eater

Hot number: Patrick Renz as a fire eater Photo: private

“Circus Renzini” has been a guest in Wedel since December 22nd, until January 9th *. Perhaps by then it will still work out with a new, great love and Patrick Renz can impress a viewer with his fire-eater number – and ignite her heart.

* Monday to Friday daily at 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Admission: children 10 euros, adults 12 euros.


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