Choose air conditioner according to climate characteristics

Users should prioritize the fast cooling feature, integrating smart utilities to protect health, save electricity and be suitable for Vietnam’s monsoon climate.

According to experts, the average temperature of Vietnam is always high, the total number of sunshine hours is large. Due to the influence of the monsoon, the nationwide rainfall is high, the annual average humidity is very high (over 80%.) These factors of the climate directly affect the lifespan and cooling capacity of the air conditioner. gas.

On hot days, the common psychology of everyone is to step into the air-conditioned room to immediately relieve the heat. Therefore, users should choose a machine with fast cooling technology, helping to cool the space right after pressing the start button.

Users should choose an air conditioner with a quick cooling feature to relieve the heat of summer days. Image: Karofi

In addition, the humidity in the air is always high (especially during the northern monsoon season), creating an environment for bacteria to multiply. At this time, the air conditioner needs to have an automatic cleaning feature to keep the quality of the air blown out, limit the cause of respiratory diseases, and save time and money on cleaning the air conditioner.

One more feature that users should pay attention to when choosing an air conditioner is automatic temperature adjustment. With this feature, the sensor system on the remote controller will recognize the temperature at the user’s location and automatically adjust and maintain it to the desired level, bringing a comfortable feeling, ensuring the health of the patient. whole family.

The self-regulating temperature feature brings comfort and protects the user's health.  Photo: Karofi

The self-regulating temperature feature brings comfort and protects the user’s health. Image: Karofi

In addition to the above notes, users need to consider choosing a smart air conditioner with automatic error warning mode. Because in hot days, high frequency of use is difficult to avoid machine failure. Self-diagnosis will help users proactively troubleshoot problems, save time and costs, and do not cause discomfort when the air conditioner fails on a hot day.

Using the air conditioner a lot in the hot season consumes a lot of electricity. Users can reduce it by choosing equipment that integrates inverter technology. Information about this technology is shown through energy labels (symbols are stars) in 5 levels. The higher the energy efficiency, the lower the power consumption, the better power saving.

Inverter technology in air conditioners has a 5-star label to help save electricity costs.

Inverter technology in air conditioners has a 5-star label to help save electricity costs. Image: Karofi

Karofi air conditioners are researched and developed based on research and understanding of the climate and usage behavior of Vietnamese people. Owning Zitek fast cooling technology helps cool the room in less than a minute. Besides, the inverter technology of Karofi air conditioner reaches 5-star level to save energy and save electricity.

In addition, 4 smart features: automatic cleaning, automatic temperature adjustment, automatic restart when power failure and self-diagnosis are also advantages of this brand. Karofi air conditioner also has a gold-plated radiator with the ability to work well at temperatures up to 52 degrees Celsius, anti-corrosion, increasing machine life. Currently, the company deploys the highest warranty service in the market with a one-for-one exchange for three years; two years free maintenance.

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