Choose a date, choose a departure direction at the beginning of the year

The Year of the Tiger according to the I Ching is the year of the “shui-mountain” hexagram, which is forecasted to be a rather difficult year for each person, each family.

A good day is associated with the owner’s life in the family

According to the custom, going out to welcome the spring, visiting and wishing the New Year, going to the temple at the beginning of the year is a good thing to welcome a year of luck and fortune to the family.

For all families, the first day of Tet is always the best day to depart. An auspicious day is a day that is suitable or compatible with the life of the head of the family (usually taking the life of the man in the house).

Auspicious day is the qi day of the day that is suitable for each person. For example, for people of the Earth network, when doing something or going far away, they should choose a day with the element of Fire or the element of Earth. The people of the Wood network should choose the days with the air element of the day as the Wood element or the Water element to do important things, go far to have good luck.

Auspicious days (auspicious days) are also taken into account when that day must have celestial stars: spades, long, taste, Zhang, diagnosis, Khue, room. Earth stars: city, autumn, declaration, ant, peace, concentration. On duty and managed during the day. The dates selected for each person are already calculated in the Perpetual Calendar set by the Culture and Information Publishing House, we just need to take it out and use it easily.

In addition, after choosing a good day, we will continue to choose a good time to start work for more luck. Do not go and buy good and bad calendar books on the sidewalk and bring them home to use, which can bring disaster into the house.

People performing a ceremony at Tay Ho Palace (Hanoi) wear masks to prevent the epidemic, March 2021. Photo: Linh Hong.

Choose the person who broke the ground with a life compatible or mutual with the owner

According to the custom from ancient times, each family invites one person to break the ground (house). The person who is invited to enter the land at the beginning of the year must be a decent person, have a happy family, above and below, have a reputation in society, and have the love and respect of those around them. The person who comes to break the ground must be someone who has a life compatible or mutual with the landlord. For example, the owner of the Fire network, the person who comes to the land at the beginning of the year must have a Wood network or a Fire network.

The landlord will choose a time frame with a suitable gas for his network and then notify the person who is invited to come to the ground at the beginning of five o’clock to break the ground for his home. When the time is right, the owner lights up 5 incense sticks to ask heaven, earth, grandparents, ancestors in the family line to bless their family for a new year of luck, peace and prosperity. After that, the owner will welcome the person who is invited to enter the house and receive the first wishes of the year.

Departure direction at the beginning of the year

Choosing the direction of departure on New Year’s Day is very important and is carefully considered by the ancients to welcome good and avoid evil for each homeowner. Each person can belong to one of two groups: East quartet (Kham – Ly – Chan Chan) or West quartet.

The directions of the East, including the North, the South, the East, and the Southeast, are all good directions that belong to the Life Qi – Thien Y – Phuc Duc – Serve, depending on each person’s destiny sign. For example, a person with a destiny sign of Kham will have a Southeast direction, belonging to the sign of Life, which always brings fortune and advancement on the road of mandarin. The South direction belongs to the Phuc Duc sign, which always brings peace and unity in the clan. The direction of the East is the direction that belongs to the Heavenly Yard, which is the direction that brings health, the protection of heaven and earth to the homeowner in difficult times. The North direction belongs to the Easter sign, which always brings strength, certainty, and steadfast courage to the owner.

The directions of the West of the Four Fates (Can – Can – Khon – Doai) will have the directions of the West of the Four Trach including: West, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest are all good directions belonging to Sinh Chi – Thien Y – Blessing – Serving.

For example, a person whose destiny is wise will have the northeast direction which belongs to the vital sign. The Northwest direction is the direction of the Phuc Duc sign. The West direction is the direction that belongs to Thien Y.

The meaning of the auspicious signs of the western quartet group is the same as that of the east quartet group presented above. As for the remaining directions of the groups belonging to the East and the West, they are all bad directions, so homeowners should not depart on the occasion of the opening of the new year.

Nguyen Thanh Son
(Ho Chi Minh City Research Center for Applied Human Potential)


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