Chinese billiards beauties jump to the top and clear the table

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 19:21 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, billiard news) The beauty’s ultimate move opens an impressive billiards upstream.

Video of Hieu Dinh’s “jumping” muscle move:

In billiards competition, when in a situation where they cannot eat the next target ball, the players will often use the strategy of “running bullets”. They will hide the master ball in a hidden position where the target ball cannot be seen. Falling into such a situation is a “dilemma”, many players will make mistakes, but this is also a stage with many excellent billiards players.

At the 2016 World Pool Championship, which took place in China. Phan Hieu Dinh was put in a position by Jiang Teng, but the beautiful player boldly presented the situation of “jumping” to send the master ball flying over the head of another ball and then touching, putting the target ball into the hole. This daring situation opens the door to victory for Xiaoting over junior Jiang Teng.


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