China: Plane crashed in March probably deliberately steered into a mountain – 132 dead

It was China’s worst plane crash for 18 years: In March, a passenger plane crashed into a mountain in the south of the country – it fell almost vertically from the sky. All 132 occupants were killed.

To date, no official cause of the crash has been announced by China’s authorities. But now there is a monstrous suspicion: The Boeing 737-800 of the China Eastern airline was probably brought down on purpose!

This is reported by the renowned “Wall Street Journal”, citing an analysis by American authorities involved in the investigation into the crash.

“The plane did as it was told by someone in the cockpit,” a person familiar with the preliminary US analysis told the newspaper. The data from the aircraft’s flight data recorder were also included in the assessment.

It sounds like uncanny parallels to the crash of the Germanwings plane, the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz († 27) crashed into the French Alps in March 2015. All 150 people on board died.

But the fact is: There are still many unclear questions about the crash of the China plane!

Nevertheless, according to the report, the investigation results to date have prompted US investigators to focus on the actions of a pilot.

A kidnapping or a terrorist attack have so far been considered unlikely. Airline China Eastern said it was not plausible that a person had entered the cockpit.

Reason for assumption: Chinese authorities said at a press conference in March that no emergency code had been sent from the plane before the crash.

According to China’s civil aviation authority CAAC, air traffic controllers tried to make contact with the aircraft while the machine was descending. But they received no answer.


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