Children threatened with machete: Islamism examination in detained Eritreans

Of: b. Schilz

Dresden – The machete man from Gorbitz and the “Alluah Akbar” calls. The judiciary wants to “shed light on possible Islamist backgrounds,” said senior public prosecutor Jürgen Schmidt (45) to BILD.

The Eritrean Ismail S. (25) had drunk and threatened children with a machete and a knife on Monday evening. An Iraqi (26) intervened, hit the machete man and was injured in the leg.

S. posted verses of the Koran on the Internet, wrote in German: “I am only afraid of Allah”. Senior Public Prosecutor Schmidt: “We definitely want the accused to remain in custody.”

Because the tolerated asylum seeker is no stranger to the police and the judiciary: In March 2018, he sexually molested a woman in Neustadt and hit her in the face with a beer bottle. She lost a tooth. Verdict: eight months probation.

Ismail S. had previously received fines for theft, fare dodging and drug possession.


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