Chicago: Bus driver Dan O’Conor jumps into Lake Michigan 365 days in a row

This is really a crazy one Seerie …

A bus driver from Chicago (Illinois, USA) coped with the stress of the Corona year in a special way: Dan O’Conor jumped into Lake Michigan for the 365th time in a row on Saturday.

O’Conor after his “one year jump”: “It was during the pandemic, during the protests, during an election year. So I could come down and block all the noise and be completely with myself. ”Every day he came back to Montrose Harbor and jumped into the lake.

Crazy: Bus driver Dan was nicknamed the “Great Lake Jumper” and ended up doing his jumps in front of an audiencePhoto: Shafkat Anowar / AP

Even in the frosty winter, O’Conor stayed tough – and when the temperature was below zero he chopped a hole in the thick ice cover to take a dip. After one of the ice jumps, he had 20 scratches and cuts, reported Dan.

And probably thick chilblains: In March the water temperature under the ice cover was only 0.5 degrees …

Before his 365th jump, fans formed a tunnel trellis

Before his 365th jump, fans formed a tunnel trellisPhoto: Shafkat Anowar / AP

Over the course of the year, the fan base grew and his campaign became a cult: “People asked me how they could support me. When I started posting my videos on Twitter and Instagram, it gave me even more tailwind. Because people wrote things under it like, ‘This will save my day, it’s nice to see that.’ “


The “Great Lake Jumper” came and went every day in the iconic bathrobePhoto: Shafkat Anowar / AP

On Saturday he had made the year full. His action earned him the name “Great Lake Jumper”.


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