Chess prize 1.5 million USD: Le Quang Liem competes with Chess King Magnus Carlsen

Saturday, April 24, 2021 19:03 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, chess news) Vietnam’s No. 1 chess player Le Quang Liem has the opportunity to meet the Norwegian “Chess King” again.

Parallel to the FIDE Candidates Tournament for 8 players taking place in Russia, the New in Chess Classic online chess tournament took place starting at dawn April 25 (US time). The New in Chess Classic event is part of the online tournament system Champions Chess Tour, organized by Carlsen’s company with a prize fund of 1.5 million USD.

Quang Liem fights Carlsen (right) on the morning of April 25

The event is played according to the rules of fast chess, taking place from May 24 to 2. 16 players compete in a round of scoring, each day playing 5 games lasting 3 days to select 8 players to qualify for the quarterfinals. Each quick game lasts 15 minutes, adding 10 seconds to each move.

Quang Liem has a chance to reach the quarterfinals when the Vietnamese player is the seed number of 8 out of 16 participants. This tournament was without 8 grandmasters attending the FIDE Candidates, the event that selected players to compete in the final match with “Chess King” Carlsen at the end of the year.

Not being allowed to participate in the FIDE Candidates tournament, but the number 1 player in Vietnam will surely clash with Magnus Carlsen on the morning of April 25. Accordingly, Quang Liem will meet Carlsen in game 2, New in Chess Classic.

Vietnamese chess fans want Quang Liem to have his first win against the Norwegian “Chess King”, because 7 times before, the Ho Chi Minh chess player could not win against Carlsen. Seven times ago the two players had never played the standard chess but only played fast, lightning, and at the 8th, Quang Liem and Carlsen continued to play fast.

Quang Liem has a fast Elo 2,744 currently ranked 19th in the rankings, Carlsen has a fast Elo 2,881 currently leading the world.

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General Quang Liem made King Carlsen

(Sports news, chess news) The number 1 chess player in Vietnam enjoyed the feeling of not losing the match for the first time against King Carlsen.


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