Chemnitz: Did Facebook prevent a murder in Saxony?

Chemnitz – The Chemnitz district court has been dealing with an unusual criminal case since Monday.

The indictment is: “Appointment for the crime of murder”. Heiko G. (36) from Chemnitz and Robby P. (27) from Crimmitschau are said to have agreed to meet via private messages on Facebook in 2019 to kidnap, rape and kill a 15-year-old soccer player!

Professional driver Robby P. (27) is silent on the allegations in courtPhoto: Harry Haertel

But the US company informed the police a day before the planned crime – both men were immediately arrested.

G. is a nanny and youth coach at the football club TSV IFA Chemnitz. He denies everything, claims to want to convict criminals, would only have spurred them on. But the police also found 271 child porn files on him.

Co-defendant P. was silent about the allegations at the start of the trial. But how does the recognition work, what does Facebook read? The US group left a BILD request unanswered on Monday. The process continues.


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