Check Live Status of Train on Google Maps in 5 Steps

Google added three public transportation features to Google Maps in 2019. These features enabled users to check real-time train status for long routes, get bus travel time from traffic in ten cities and suggest movement of auto-rickshaws and public transport displays.

Live Train Status comes in handy as it gives train arrival time, schedule, delay status and many more information from the app. While there are many third party apps that provide the same feature, this feature on Google Maps can be useful for Android users who use budget devices with less storage. Let us tell you that this feature was implemented in partnership with the ‘Where is my train’ app which Google acquired a year before the launch of the feature.

If you are wondering how to use this feature and check live train status using Google Maps, here is a guide that you can follow. Before starting, check that you must have an active Google account.

Here is the complete process to check live status

  • First of all open Google Map on your phone.
  • Now enter the station where you want to go in the search bar.
  • Now tap on the train icon.
  • Now tap on the ‘Train’ icon at the bottom of the Destination dialog box, between the ‘Two-wheeler’ and ‘Walk’ icons.
  • In this, tap on Route option with train icon.
  • Then tap on train name to check live train status. After this you will get the live status of your train.


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