Cheap plans with 2GB daily data, Jio, Airtel and Vodafone are offering these offers

Nowadays, Jio’s entry in the smartphone and telecom sector has made internet access easy for everyone, now you will be seen using the Internet everywhere from village to city. In India, consumption of data has increased the most due to cheap data plans. Whether you want to watch videos on the phone or be active on social media, you need data in mobile for every task. Now all telecom operators are focusing more on data. Today, we are telling you about prepaid plans with daily 2GB data of Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea. Let’s know

Jio’s 249 prepaid plan- Jio’s plans are much cheaper than other companies. Jio has started the data revolution in India. If you want to use Jio network, then you will get 28 days validity and 2GB data daily in prepaid plan of Rs 249. In this plan, you will also get unlimited calling and daily 100SMS facility. The company is also offering you a subscription to Jio’s premium apps in this plan. This is a very cheap and good plan.

Airtel’s 298 prepaid plan- Airtel is also offering many cheap plans in this range, in which you get 28 days validity in prepaid plan of Rs 298. In this plan, users are given 2GB data daily. The plan also offers unlimited calling and Daily 100SMS. Users also get free subscription to apps like Wink Music and Airtel Extreme.

Airtel’s prepaid plan of 449- Airtel’s second plan is Rs 449. This plan is also similar to the Rs 298 plan, but in this you get 56 days validity. In this plan, users are given 2GB data daily. Unlimited calling and Daily 100SMS are also available under the plan. You get free access to apps like Wink Music and Airtel Extreme in this plan.

Vodafone-Idea prepaid plan of 595- For 2GB data plan you can also take Vodafone prepaid plan of Rs 595. In this plan, you are given 2GB data daily. The validity of the plan is 56 days. Along with this, unlimited calling and 100SMS are also available daily. You are also given free subscription of G5 Premium and VI app in the plan.


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