Charges against eight fellow students – student (19) had to empty bottle of whiskey – dead!

They made an evil plan – by which a young man died!

Eleven students from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) are said to be responsible for the death of Adam Oakes († 19). The egregious accusation: The men are said to have forced the freshman to drink a whole bottle of whiskey. Oakes died as a result of alcohol poisoning.

Eight men who have already been arrested have now been charged with “unlawful harassment” in connection with the death of Adam Oakes. Three other students want to like each other, according to US media present to the authorities in the next few days.

Bizarre admission ritual

Oakes had already died in February. He had received a confirmation of acceptance into the “Delta-Chi” student association. Such associations bring together students with certain attitudes, who are dedicated to specific goals and are committed to traditions. Whoever wants to become a member must meet certain criteria for admission.

The evening before his death, Adam attended a party in the association’s clubhouse where he was introduced to his “big brother” who was supposed to help him with the briefing.

Seven of the eight accused students, top row (from left): Benjamin J. Corado (19), Quinn Kuby (22), Riley K. McDaniel (21), Jason Mulgrew (21). Bottom row (from left): Christian Rohrbach (22), Colin G. Tran (20), Alessandro Medina-Villanueva (21)Photo: Richmond Police Department

But it wasn’t just kind words: Suddenly Adam was given a bottle of whiskey that he was supposed to empty. This is part of the reception ritual, the initiation rites ”.

Adam Oakes put the bottle on and started drinking. An hour later he suddenly slumped on the couch, passed out.

“At midnight they had checked on him: he was lying on his side, breathing and seemed okay,” reports his cousin Courtney White. “But the next morning they found him lying on his stomach. When they rolled him over, they saw that parts of his face were purple. “

Forensic medicine found alcohol poisoning.

Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, the capital of the US state Virginia, is one of the top 100 universities in the USA.  Almost 30,000 students are currently studying at the VCU

Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, the capital of the US state Virginia, is one of the top 100 universities in the USA. Almost 30,000 students are currently studying at the VCU Photo: Shutterstock / Mitchell Wein

The men between the ages of 19 and 22 were arrested in February and have now been charged with “criminal harassment” – four of them also for supplying alcohol to minors. They also face disciplinary measures up to and including expulsion from the university.

The VCU suspended the “Delta Chi” fraternity, as did the national association. In June the association was officially expelled from the university. The college has banned alcohol consumption at fraternity events and stopped recruiting new members.

Fraternity condemns harassment

Delta Chi strongly condemned methods in which members are harassed: “The alleged actions of these people are an affront to the values ​​of ‘Delta Chi’. Our guidelines are clear about the expected conduct of members, including that no member should engage in or condone acts of harassment, “the Brotherhood said in a statement. “No family should ever experience what the Oakes family did.”

Adam Oakes’ family now, seven months after his death, issued a statement: “We are grateful for the level of justice these charges and arrests can bring about, as well as for the protection from harassment offered by young, suggestible college officials. Students can offer. The past seven months have been torture for our family. This is the first time these young men have been held accountable for their historically toxic and destructive traditions, manipulation of the VCU disciplinary system, and Adam’s death. “

For the victim’s family was on GoFundeMe set up a donation page to support them financially.


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