Charge your smartphone with any charger, so keep these things in mind

Smartphone Tips: Many smartphone makers are offering their service in the country. All of them have different smartphones. Everyone has different power and battery. But one thing is common in most of the phones that their chargers are now coming to Type C, which is a good option for fast charging support, we can charge any of our phones with any charger. But have you ever thought what are its advantages and disadvantages. What should we keep in mind while charging our phone with another phone’s charger?

It is often seen that people charge their phone with the charger of another phone and say that it is charging very slowly. This is because the same charger is good for you smartphone, which came with the phone. Or it is according to the power of the phone.

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Suppose your phone supports 20W charging, then it will charge from 120W or 65W in the same time as it would charge with a 20W phone charger. Because the company has prepared the phone according to support charging up to 20 watts. Simply put, the phone will be charged with the same limit as the company has given in the phone.

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While charging the phone with the charger of another phone, many times the risk of battery damage increases. The phone should not be charged with another charger. After the mobile charger gets damaged, many times users buy cheap and durable chargers. Experts believe that these cheap and durable chargers can become a threat to you at times. Apart from this, it can also spoil the mobile. In such a situation, do not buy the charger of the local company or other company.

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