Changes to be done in WhatsApp, new privacy policy will have to be accepted, otherwise the account may be closed

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is once again in the headlines for its privacy policy. Now WhatsApp has prepared a new policy, in which you will have to approve the new privacy policy of WhatsApp by May 15. The company has prepared new guidelines related to it. In view of the previous dispute, the company is taking full care this time. Deadline has also been decided by WhatsApp regarding the approval of the new privacy policy. You have to approve the new privacy policy by May 15, else your WhatsApp account may be closed.

Will have to receive notifications
WhatsApp is going to issue a notification to accept the privacy policy again. Some people have already accepted the WhatsApp policy. Such people do not need to do anything. The report says that users will be able to accept the privacy policy even after May 15. For this, the Interactive Users Policy will be implemented by the company. If you do not accept the policy, then the company will permanently delete your entire message history. This means that your messages will not be returned after being deleted. Apart from this, if you have not approved the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, then you will be removed from all WhatsApp groups after a certain time.

Data is safe
There is a fear in the minds of WhatsApp about the new policy. People are at risk that our data shared on WhatsApp may not be leaked or misused. However, the company has tried to satisfy the users completely. WhatsApp says that users’ right to privacy has been taken full care of. Without the user’s consent, his data will not be given to anyone. Apart from this, the personal chat of the people will remain in encrypted form. This means that no one will be able to see your WhatsApp chat, not even Facebook.

There was a dispute on this matter in the policy
Let me tell you that in January this year there was a lot of uproar about the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. According to this policy, WhatsApp was talking about sharing the user’s data such as mobile number, email id, phone model, location with its co-company Facebook and Messenger, Instagram and third party. There was a lot of controversy over this new WhatsApp policy. However, the company later clarified about this and made many changes in the policy as well.

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