CEO one day, president always!

It’s the new buzzword: “governance”. If you actively manage your savings and invest them in equities, your bank, your financial advisor will no doubt have praised you the merits of ESG funds. Investments that favor companies respecting a minimum of requirements: E as environmental, S as social and G as governance. But what does this famous G cover?

Governance is the distribution of power in the company. This power emanates from those who own it: the members or members of the cooperative when it is a mutualist (Crédit mutuel, Crédit Agricole, Maif, etc.), the shareholders for others. During general meetings of shareholders – the season of which is starting – they appoint directors who form the board of directors.

What will become of the savings accumulated during the health crisis?

This council – which, since the Pacte law of 2019, also includes two employee representatives when the company has more than fifty – designates the company’s managers, with whom it defines a strategy, which it then monitors the application of. . It is therefore an essential organ. But for years

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