Celebrate prosperous New Year from simple things

Making a healthy Tet menu or participating in a volunteer contribution … is one of the simple and meaningful ways to contribute to an exciting start to the new year.

Tet comes with hope for a good new year and full of love. Despite many changes in the past year, Tet is still an opportunity for people to make positive changes for themselves and their families. In the midst of the epidemic difficulties, there are many ways for you to taste optimistic spices for the loving Tet season.

Cook Tet with a different tray

Tet tray is one of the special traditional features for most Vietnamese families. A decent and complete New Year’s meal is a prayer for a more prosperous and peaceful New Year.

The preparation of the Tet tray is not merely an opportunity for the members to show off their cooking skills, but also an opportunity for the whole family to gather together, bustle by the stove and make the New Year more exciting. Each family member is a personality, a different way of seasoning and tasting different cuisine, combined on a rich and flavorful Tet tray.

Maggi spices help to cook quickly, delicious food. See more unique recipes from Maggi here.

If you follow the simple school, you can try dishes such as kimchi sautéed with sautéed sausage with oyster sauce, fried corn, sausage, mushroom, soy sauce, tofu with sesame sauce … Focusing on healthy and delicious nutrition in the menu, please refresh the Tet tray with Thai vegetarian salad, egg meat with soy sauce, grilled duck leg with oyster sauce, vegetarian spring rolls …

In accordance with the modern lifestyle, like to explore unique things, your tray must definitely be indispensable for exotic dishes such as lemongrass lemongrass and lemongrass, grilled beef pate, fried fish balls, young mango fried shiitake mushrooms.

Spread love with volunteer activities

Joining hands to spread the flavor of Tet to the community is also a way to make the spring day more special, especially in the current complicated epidemic situation.

Currently, there are many units and organizations that carry out volunteer activities to share Tet in order to share love, bring Tet to difficult circumstances, so that everyone can have Tet.

As one of the pioneering brands in encouraging creativity and expressing a different personality in every daily dish, this year’s New Year season of Maggi brand combines many unique and humanistic activities. practical with the desire to inspire Tet cooking in its own way and spread love messages to the community, for an exciting and optimistic new year.

In which, the livestream activity “Unusual arena: What is Tet for?” with the participation of favorite artists is one of the highlights attracting the attention of the community. The program was welcomed not only for bringing an optimistic and cheerful atmosphere in the New Year season but also for the practical meaning behind each livestream interaction. Maggi will convert each interaction into a gift for disadvantaged situations. As a result, although they cannot directly participate in volunteer activities, young people still have a way to join hands with the community and spread love during this Tet holiday.

Nearly 10,000 livestream interactions have been redeemed for 10,000 gifts to Bong Sen Charity Fund, supporting cheap meals for difficult circumstances.

Nearly 10,000 livestream interactions have been redeemed for 10,000 gifts to Bong Sen Charity Fund, supporting cheap meals for difficult circumstances.

Ms. Nguyen Minh Nguyet – Director of Food Industry, Nestlé Vietnam, said: “We believe that there will always be a way to create a new year with many positive things, partly to alleviate the losses and difficulties. Maggi wishes to join hands with the community to bring a prosperous New Year to every home, with unique products and recipes, to make the Tet tray more complete and responding to the Government’s call for no one to be left behind “. Nestlé constantly optimizes the role of food to improve the quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.

Minh Tu (Image: Maggi)


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