Causing a fever for holding a banner to encourage her daughter to go to college

ChinaA family marked the end of their daughter’s college entrance exams with a large banner, declaring “from now on you can love”.

October 8 is the last day of the university entrance exam, also known as the Gaokao (Gao exam) in China. A family stands in front of test scores in Yunnan to congratulate their daughter Huang Luyao on ending stressful exam days.

In the video of the scene, two male relatives, unidentified, drums and plays a traditional Chinese instrument, while two others hold large banners that read: “Congratulations to Huang on completion Gaokao. You can fall in love now.” “It doesn’t matter if the score is high or bad because the family loves her anyway,” a relative of the girl said in the video.

Huang appeared shy when faced with the scene, also smiling and waving to his family, hugging his grandmother. The video above went viral on Chinese social media sites during the Gaokao days.

The Gaokao is one of the most important exams in a Chinese person’s life and is also considered the most intense university exam in the world. It requires students to practice for many years. Most schools forbid students to fall in love to prevent academic distractions.

Huang’s family held banners, waved gongs and drums to celebrate their daughter’s Gaokao exam. Image: Toutiao

Like Huang’s relatives, the way many families congratulate their child on passing this important exam has attracted the attention of the community.

A family in Xi’an in Shaanxi province congratulated their daughter Deng Ziling, with a large banner: “Congrats on getting out of the abyss of suffering! Go to a good university and have a beautiful love ! “.

Deng’s aunt said the family did this because they knew that their granddaughter was under a lot of pressure during the Gaokao exam. Relatives want her to be in the most comfortable mood when entering the exam room. “I want her to get into her dream university and find a good boyfriend,” Deng’s father said in an interview with local media.

Deng said he was touched by the love his family gave him, but was also a little shy with his friends.

Many social media users commented that what the two families cheered on their children was very similar to the plot of Tieu Arrogant Gypsy, a comedy and romance. “What a sweet family. Whoever they are, the boys must be very lucky to marry their children,” one person commented.

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