Cartoonist Martin Perscheid (55) dead: “Fearless look into human abysses”

Oldenburg / Wesseling – The award-winning cartoonist Martin Perscheid is dead. He died on Saturday at the age of only 55.

The Lappan Verlag and the Caricatura Galerie Kassel announced this on Thursday on behalf of the family. After a long illness, Perscheid lost the battle against cancer on the night of July 31st. In an obituary by the publisher on Instagram it says: “His fearlessness of looking into the human abyss of sexism, racism, ignorance, corruption and stupidity and how he captured all that with biting mockery and raven-black humor in cartoons, which was unique.”

“This loss is dramatic. With Martin Perscheid we are not only losing one of the best and most popular cartoonists in comic art, but also a role model and a pioneer – and a friend, ”said Martin Sonntag, director of the Caricatura Gallery.

Martin Perscheid died in his birthplace WesselingPhoto: Uwe Zucchi / dpa

Perscheid published his first book in 1995. He was known for his black humor. According to the publisher, he created more than 4,300 cartoons for the, according to his own description, “merciless and mean” series “Perscheid’s abysses”, which appeared in more than 50 daily newspapers and magazines.

In 2002 he was awarded the Max and Moritz Prize for the best German-language cartoon series and had become one of the most important cartoonists of our time, the message said.

Perscheid lived and worked in Wesseling near Cologne until his death.


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