Carriage accident in (Greding) Bavaria: man seriously injured, two horses dead

Greding – In the Middle Franconian town of Greding (district of Roth) there was a terrible carriage accident on Sunday. One man (44) was seriously injured and two horses died.

According to the police, the owner of the stud wanted to harness the horses to the carriage when they suddenly broke loose. The man was probably rolled over by the carriage and seriously injured, reports the news portal “Hilpoltsteiner Kurier”. The man came to the hospital.

The horses ran towards a nearby river and fell into the water about two meters deep. Both horses drowned.

Diver gropes his way to dead animals

Fire department divers initially had difficulty locating the carriage and horses. According to the “Hilpoltsteiner Kurier”, a diver groped his way to the dead animals in the water. The recovery of the horses could only begin after members of the water guard inquired how the horses were connected to the carriage.

Only after dark could the carcasses be pulled out of the water and transported away. The carriage was finally recovered by the fire brigade using a crane.


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