Car crashed in an accident in Peene: is the city of Anklam complicit?

Anklam (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) – Before the wedding came death!

The tragic accident of Kay M. (43) and his stepson Andreas (9). The road builder slipped on the icy road with his Volvo into the 2.4 degree cold Peene. The rescue workers could only rescue both dead. The victims drowned at a depth of 3.80 meters.

Kay M.

Photo: private

Kay M. wanted to get married this year! Jana F. from Prenzlau, sister of the victim, told BILD yesterday: “My brother and his girlfriend got along very well. He loved her as much as her two sons from another relationship and their child. “

No trace of quarrels with the girlfriend – as it is rumored in Anklam. “A wedding was planned for 2021,” said Jana F.

But many of the 12,000 inhabitants are also concerned with another question: is the city complicit?

At the end of the slightly sloping Burgstraße (30 zone), the path to the river is only secured with very light wooden poles that any car can easily break through. If metal bollards or concrete blocks had been well set in concrete there, the car might have come to a standstill, not slipped into the water.

Anklam’s mayor Michael Galander (51) left several BILD inquiries unanswered yesterday. In the meantime, the public prosecutor’s office in Neubrandenburg started the investigation.


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