Cancellation due to lockdown: organizers do not have to reimburse tickets

Munich / Bayreuth – The Munich District Court has decided: If an organizer has to cancel a theater event because of the pandemic, he can issue vouchers instead.

The organizer did not have to repay the price for the tickets, the Munich District Court announced on Friday. The court dismissed a complaint by an entrepreneur from Bayreuth who had demanded repayment of 205.80 euros for two tickets from a Munich theater and catering company.

The event planned for the end of March 2020 could not take place in the first lockdown. According to the court, it is right for the organizer to issue a voucher instead of repaying the money.

“Organizers’ bankruptcies should be prevented or at least delayed. The negative consequences of the pandemic should be distributed among as many as possible, ”the court justified the decision. Those who buy a ticket for a cultural event are more likely to be financially powerful.

For financially weak customers, however, a hardship clause could apply.


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