Canada: Killer hits Muslims with his car – four dead!

In a targeted attack with a car, an alleged racist killer (20) brutally killed four people in a Muslim family in Canada!

According to initial findings, the man ran over people on Sunday evening (8:40 p.m., local time) in the west of the city of London (405,000 inhabitants, province of Ontario) with his black pick-up truck on the street, the police said on Monday.

Police continued: He drove up the curb at high speed and met five family members waiting on the sidewalk to cross the street.

The alleged family killer then drove on unchecked (at around 80 km / h), ignored red lights and fled to the parking lot of a mall five minutes after the crime. There, seven kilometers from the crime scene, the police were able to arrest the murder suspect.

A nine-year-old boy survived the attack, seriously injured. His life is not in danger.

There are “indications that this was a planned and hate motivated act,” said police spokesman Paul Waight on Monday. The investigators are convinced that “these victims were attacked because they were Muslims”.

The arrested person is now being investigated for fourfold first-degree murder (particularly serious crime) and attempted murder.

According to the city council, the victims are two women aged 74 and 44, a 46-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl – three generations of a family.

London Mayor Ed Holder spoke of an “act of mass murder” that has its roots in “unspeakable hatred”.


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