Canada: 4 refugees frozen to death at border with US – “Left at -35 degrees”

Refugee tragedy at minus 35 degrees Celsius!

Four people froze to death on Canada’s US border. As the Canadian police announced on Thursday, the dead are two adults, a teenager and a small child.

In the border region near Emerson (province of Manitoba), migrants often try to cross the border. Meanwhile, US police arrested a suspected smuggler in the same area.

The US police arrested a suspected smuggler not far from the sitePhoto: HANDOUT/AFP

On Wednesday morning, US border officials picked up a group that had just crossed the border. She had things for a toddler with her – but the baby was missing.

A search was then launched on both sides of the border. According to the Canadian police, they are still working on identifying the victims. The search continued.

At a news conference, Deputy Manitoba Police Commissioner Jane MacLatchy said people were likely “left alone in the midst of a -35 degree Celsius snowstorm.”

Central and eastern Canada is currently being gripped by a severe cold wave. Police used snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles to search.


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