Can we trust “responsible” investments?

Savers no longer only look at the financial performance of their investments, but also, increasingly, their social and environmental impact. Novethic’s annual indicator shows a booming market, counting, at the end of 2019, 704 funds, double compared to the end of 2018. There was no shortage of votes to salute their very honorable financial performance in the first half of the year. 2020. “Their resilience, when the financial markets are on a downward trend, has been confirmed with an average performance of -5.2% (all asset classes combined, excluding money market). Equity funds in particular recorded an average net performance of – 6.5% over the period, while the CAC 40, for its part, lost 17.5% ”, notes Novethic, in a report published in June 2020.

But sustainable finance is a heterogeneous universe, in which it is not easy to find oneself and sort the wheat from the chaff. Three major families of investments correspond to objectives, with a guarantee of results in relation to their marketing promise without commonality with each other.

In financial markets, volatility and uncertainty on the horizon

Investments stamped “solidarity finance” aim to support players in the social and solidarity economy (SSE): associations, cooperatives, but also commercial enterprises. Undoubtedly, these are the ones that offer the best readability and guarantee of direct effectiveness in relation to the objective af

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