Can it be a coincidence? – Almost the same numbers for the lottery and Eurojackpot

Lotto madness on Saturday night!

The winning numbers 6, 30, 33, 36, 40 and 43 rolled out of the big lucky drum. Attentive spectators rubbed their eyes: don’t we know these numbers?

Right. The day before, the machine had spat out almost the same numbers during the Eurojackpot drawing: 16, 30, 33, 36 and 43.

Four numbers identical! “Can someone please calculate this probability?” Asked a user on Twitter.

Of course! BILD asked math professor and chance expert Christian Hesse (60) from the University of Stuttgart – and he turned on the calculator.

“Event of the century!”

His result: “The probability that exactly four of the five Eurojackpot numbers will also fall as lottery numbers is 0.0003115. That all five Eurojackpot numbers fall as lottery numbers again has a probability of only 0.9 * 6 * (5/49) * (4/48) * (3/47) * (2/46) * (1/45 ) = 0.00000284. ”

In purely arithmetical terms, the first case would occur every 3210 drawings.

Prof. Dr. Christian Hesse is a professor of mathematicsPhoto: Ivo Kljuce

Hesse further:

If you assume that every week there is first a Eurojackpot and then a lottery drawing, then on average only four of the Eurojackpot numbers will be lottery numbers again every 62 years, as happened this week. So we have witnessed an event of the century. The fact that all five Eurojackpot numbers are lottery numbers again only happens every 6783 years on average.


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