Can a long needle make a house?

Building a house must avoid five years old crime. However, the problem is that there are many ways to calculate the age of the long needle, which is the correct feng shui principle?

It is taboo to build a new house, repair, buy and sell houses, and get married to avoid committing crimes at the age of five. Verified through thousands of years of practice, folk have concluded:One, three, six, eight, Kim Long. Marrying a wife is a cavalry house. Keeping the spouse to the fullest. Money is wasted, cows and buffaloes are lost.”

Building a house must avoid a long criminal age and must be “checked”, recorded in the books Thong Thu, Ngoc Hap Ky (printed inscriptions of the Nguyen Dynasty). But for many reasons, including mistakes in translation, up to now, the method of calculating the needle long has many variations and errors.

According to the concept of Eastern feng shui, the beautiful age to build a house does not violate the age of Kim Lau. Illustration:

Currently, there are four popular ways to calculate the age of a long needle, of which there are two ways of folk transmission; The third way is calculated according to the Thong Thu book but not according to the principle of yin and yang. The fourth way is calculated according to the Letter of Incorporation combining the principles of feng shui. As follows:

The first way (folk): Men take the number of lunar years (my age) divided by 9, the balance = 1, 3, 6 or 8 is Pham Kim Long. Surplus 1 commits a long-term crime (harm yourself). Du 3 commits the crime of long-term wife (harming his wife). Surplus 6 commits Kim Long death (harming children). Surplus 8 commits a crime for a long time (harming property and pets).

2nd way (folk): Lunar years with the last number 1, 3, 6, or 8 are considered to be a long period. For example, if a person was born in 1965, intends to build a house in 2022, then take 2022 – 1965 = 57 + 1 = 58 as the lunar age, Pham Kim Long.

According to this calculation, many people still abstain from building a house during the age of five, committing the crime of wild snails and tam tais. They concluded that the best age to get married and build a house is: 10, 17, 19, 22, 31, 35, 37, 46, 58, 61, 67, 70. (However, if you calculate “trach” according to the principle of “making a house, you can keep it up”, then 13 years old Pham Bach Ho (Cheng Tiger), 31 years old Trach Ghost, 35 years old Trach Thuong, 46 years old Trach Tiger, 58 years old Trach Trach, 61 years old: Trach Tu age, 67 years old Trach…).

3rd way (According to Thong Thu, Ngoc Hap signed but due to misunderstanding, mistakenly recorded or mistranslated): Calculate the lunar age, then according to the diagram below, from 10 years old, respectively, to the word “Starting twenty, starting 30…”, the next arc will be 21, 31 years old… If the number of ages Falling into the signs Khon (1), Can (3), Can (6), Ton (8) is Pham Kim Lau. (see Table 1).

(Table 1, wrong calculation of needle length)

(16) (71) COST

Kim Long Luc Luc

(17) (72) GLASS

No offense

(10) (18) WISE

Dear Kim,

Ten years old

(15) (52) (61) CHANNEL

No offense

Start seventy


Start fifty

(11) (19) DAILY

No offense

Start twenty

(14) (42) (51) CANCER

Kim Long Death

Start sixty

MOSAIC (13) (22) (41)

No offense

Starting forty

(12) (21) CHANNEL

Long live Kim

Start thirty

Feng shui and Eastern medicine are both science. Oriental medicine cures people (microcosm), feng shui “cures the universe” – that is, makes the living environment “cool” to people. These two sciences are based on the basic principles of yin and yang theory, combined with practical experience and reference to some other sciences.

In feng shui, pulse, carving, killing, birth… belong to fortune. Every age people have a fortune. Avoiding the long needle is to choose a lucky year (age) suitable for housework and marriage. Kim Lau is using the word “needle” – the five elements have strong “carving” properties to indicate “evil” things to avoid.

The Am Phu Kinh, the Emperor’s internal scriptures, and the classic geography and feng shui books all clearly say: The sky is missing in the Northwest, so the right ear is not as sharp as the left ear, the land is missing in the Southeast, so the left foot is not as strong as the right foot. ; Five emperors in and out in the Southwest – Northeast. The Northeast is the Devil’s Gate, the Southwest is the Death Gate. Getting married and building a house (only getting married and building a house) in your years of age (lucky) falls into the “doors” mentioned above, it is not healthy, it is damaged.

If you want to know at what age your luck falls into one of the “doors” of the golden hour, you must calculate the lunar age, and then base on the law of “the cross” of Lac Thu to “click” to see which door that age falls into. , the numbers 1,3,6,8 to distinguish the four doors mentioned above, do not represent good – bad.

The tenet principle of Lac Thu is that the decimal number (10) and the number five (5) must enter the middle palace; adding the numbers of Lac Thu in all four directions and eight directions equals 15; in Kham – Ly, out in Can – Khon.

“Press” age according to the law of Lac Thu as follows: Starting from 1 year old in Khon, 2 years old in Doai, 3 years old in Can, 4 years old in Kham, 5 years old in the middle palace (from Kham), 6 years old in Can (from the middle palace to Can), 7 years old in Chan, 8 years old in Ton, 9 years old in Ly, 10 years old in the middle palace (from Ly), 11 years old in Khon (middle palace to Khon). So counting to 100 (age) will see the numbers 10, 20, 30, ….; the numbers 5, 15, 25, …. (combination of ten and five) all fall into the middle palace, which is the correct rule. The ages that fall in Khon – Can – Can – Ton are Pham Kim Lau.

Avoiding the needle for a long time and then choosing “trach” (be blessed with virtue, protection, and fortune) is suitable for good luck to build a house and get married. The books of Thong Thu and Ngoc Hap signed by the Nguyen Dynasty in our country agree on these two contents.

Table 2, calculate the correct needle length

(8) (18) COST

Kim Long Luc Luc

(9) (19) GLASS

No offense

(1) (11) WISE

Dear Kim,

(7) (17) CHANNEL

No offense

(5) (10) (15)


No offense (combination)

(2) (12) DAILY

No offense

(6) (16) CANCER

Kim Long Death

MOSAIC (4) (14) No offense

(3) (13) CHANNEL

Long live Kim

According to this calculation, at the same time, look up the “trach” table, the age of building a house without breaking the needle and being trach includes: 25 – Trach Loc, 30 Phuc, 32 Bao, 34 Loc, 37 Loc, 39 Phuc, 40 Bao, 42 happiness, 45 fortune, 49 fortune, 50 fortune, 52 fortune, 54 fortune, 57 fortune, 59 fortune, 60 fortune, 62 fortune, 65 fortune, 69 fortune, 70 fortune, 74 fortune, 77 fortune.

In case the age is not suitable to build a house, you can ask someone who is old to help break ground, start construction and carry out other necessary procedures. Note that there is no need to perform the ceremony of “buying back a house, buying a house” according to the current superstitious concept.

Cultural researcher Pham Dinh Hai


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