Caitlyn Jenner at 1st press conference: “I’m here to win!”

Reality TV star and transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner, 71, held her first press conference as a Republican candidate for California governor.

The 71-year-old was largely unable to gain insight into her political ideas on Friday during her 15-minute performance in Sacramento.

In return, she never tired of affirming that she was a serious candidate for the election in mid-September. “I’m here to win!” And: The field of Republican contenders are leading them, she said.

However, there is no independent survey that would prove this!

In 1976 Jenner won the Olympic gold medal in the decathlon. For decades she was successful in the series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and is now an activist for the rights of transgender people.Photo: Noah Berger / AP

She confidently stated that she was better known than any other Republican candidate and even than the Democratic incumbent Gavin Newsom (53). This gives her a great advantage.

Jenner’s solution to the mega-drought

The incumbent Governor Newsom called on the citizens on Thursday to take shorter showers and less watering of green spaces due to the ongoing “mega-drought” in his US state. He also called on industry, trade and agriculture to save water.

Jenner’s response to the great drought in California: The construction of desalination plants to produce more water. But she did not say when and where these plants could be built.

This year, too, the extreme heat is leaving its mark: A view of the dried up and cracked water bed of the drought-affected San Gabriel reservoir near Azusa, Los Angeles

This year, too, the extreme heat is leaving its mark: A view of the dried up and cracked waterbed of the drought-affected San Gabriel Reservoir near Azusa, Los Angeles CountyPhoto: – / dpa

Confused statements from a former Trump supporter

Jenner’s candidacy has met with suspicion, especially in the LGBTQ community. Transgender activists show her their connections to ex-President Donald Trump (75). She still supported him in 2016, but later reprimanded his government’s transgender policy.

In May, Jenner suddenly surprised with this statement: She thinks it is unfair when trans girls – girls who were born as boys – take part in girls’ sports at school. Says a woman of all people who should know about the discrimination against transgender people.

Jenner stressed on Friday that she did not want Trump’s support for her campaign at all. She didn’t talk to him about it either.

“Apparently doesn’t need them either,” commented a trans woman on Twitter. “She has clearly shown her attitude towards our community more than once! Go home! ”Giving up is out of the question for the 71-year-old. She is certain of her victory.

In brown and khaki: This is how Jenner appeared in front of the press on Friday

In brown and khaki: Jenner appeared so uncolourful in front of the press on FridayPhoto: Noah Berger / AP

On Instagram, she railed against the incumbent Newsom this week: “It is time for us, the people, to hold our corrupt politicians accountable in Sacramento. Nobody should be above the law. Especially not our governor. “

Recall Election in September

Newsom has to face a vote on September 14th on his possible dismissal. The background is, among other things, the criticism of his corona management. In total, more than 1.6 million people had signed the Republican-backed petition for a “recall”. However: Newsom’s defeat is unlikely, and the Democrats in California have a particularly strong base.

Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger (73) also succeeded in winning the post of governor for the Republicans through such a so-called recall election in 2003.

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