BVB: Edin Terzic believes in the miracle against Pep Guardiola

For Dortmund coach Edin Terzic (38) it is the chance of a lifetime!

If he succeeds in making it into the semi-finals of the Champions League with BVB after the 1: 2 first leg defeat against Manchester City and their star coach Pep Guardiola (50), that would also increase Terzic’s market value to the maximum. And who knows whether the Favre successor would really work as an assistant for new coach Marco Rose (44) next season.

Boss or boss? Today Terzic can pep up his career!

The fact is: Terzic firmly believes in the quarter-final miracle: “It’s unbelievable that we can make it to the semi-finals. For me it would be important to see how the season went. ”Terzic means the roller coaster season between seventh and second place with Favre’s dismissal and his promotion in December.

Terzic: “First I was an assistant coach. Then I became a head trainer. After that I became the interim coach because Marco Rose’s commitment became known. And since it has been clear that I will stay in the coaching team, I’m again the future assistant coach! “

If Dortmund (team market value: 581 million euros) throws out Pep’s superstar troop (1.03 billion euros), the inquiries for Terzic (first second division teams are already interested) are likely to increase. Terzic: “We can eliminate perhaps the best team in the world!”

► The key to the sensation today (9 p.m. / Sky) could once again be striker Erling Haaland (20/33 goals this season). Prerequisite: The Norwegian overcomes his mini-crisis of three games without a hit. Terzic: “Erling was always the one who scared the opponent the most and who binds players. Of course we want him to score, but the other is just as important. “

If Haaland really shoots ManCity, that should also open up completely new future opportunities for Terzic …


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