“Buzz Lightyear”, towards the infinity of the self

Buzz Lightning **
by Angus MacLane
American animated film, 1 h 49

Let’s start with a little test. Which film depicts an ace driver who resists authority and who must form a team of young recruits in order to repair his mistakes of the past? Top Gun: Maverick ? Lost ! Buzz Lightning, whose frame is substantially the same. The raison d’être of this big-budget animated film is more about the cash drawer than the love of art: it’s about telling “the real story” of the space ranger who inspired the toy, heroes of the saga Toy Story

And yet! In the hands of the scriptwriters of the Pixar studio, this capillotracted synopsis becomes a firework of narrative ideas. Because the film never ceases to play on the memory of the character of the original franchise, a boastful toy convinced that he is really a patroller of space and whose famous battle cry, ” To infinity and beyond ! », makes his playmates laugh.

The “original” Buzz is just as poochy, lining up little jokes and big gaffes. In short, a kind of OSS 117 from space, flanked here by a hilarious bionic cat.

Life lesson

Playing on repetitive comedy and self-mockery, accentuated by a realistic animation style, the film confronts Buzz with the need to work as a team, even with broken arms, by becoming aware of the strength of the collective. During this lesson in life as Pixar loves it, the adventurer will have to face the effects of time dilation which quickly make him lose touch with daily reality on the planet where the rest of his comrades in misfortune have little by little rebuilt their lives. The opportunity for Pixar to slip a discreet kiss between Buzz’s female sidekick and his companion, which earned the film censorship in a dozen countries, mostly Muslims.

The dizzying storyline spring of the jump in space-time has already been used in other intergalactic epics to which Buzz Lightning address winks supported and which are so many explorations of human nature. Deeper than it seems, the fight against an evil robot is akin to a surprising crossing of the mirror. Towards the infinity of the self?


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