Burlesque, sparkling, affectionate… Cinema releases on July 6

♦ Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru **

by Kyle Balda, Brad Ableson and Jonathan Del Val

American animated film, 1 h 28

After the theatrical triumph of the first part in 2015, the little yellow characters are back for a slightly more inspired sequel, performing burlesque gags on the furious rhythm of tunes from the 1970s.

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♦Peter von Kant**

by Francois Ozon

French film, 1 h 25

François Ozon makes a very personal adaptation of Bitter Tears by Petra von Kant in which Denis Ménochet – who embodies in the Cologne of the 1970s this Peter von Kant, demiurge filmmaker, cruel and pathetic – sparkles, for his third collaboration with the director.

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♦ Ennio **

by Giuseppe Tornatore

Italian documentary, 2 h 36

With obvious affection, Giuseppe Tornatore unfolds the long journey of the famous Italian composer Ennio Morricone, who died in July 2020. A documentary with great content, but with a repetitive form.

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♦After Yang*

by Kogonada

American film, 1 h 36

Interesting reflection on the place of robots in the near future, this film with its delicate aesthetic is lost in a stringy story.

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I Love Greece *

by Nafsika Guerry-Karamaounas

French film, 1 h 31

Nafsika Guerry-Karamaounas weaves a comedy where, obviously, she slips in personal elements. In this uneven film, a young Parisian, back in Greece one summer, struggles between a relationship crisis and hesitation to settle in her native country.

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