Burger King: Sour Cucumber Whopper for pregnant women – bizarre action for Women’s Day

Fried egg with banana? Pie with beef? Pickles with cream? It is a well-known fact that resistance to pregnancy cravings is futile!

Burger King is launching a bizarre advertising campaign for Mother’s Day next Sunday (May 8th). In the branch on Tempelhofer Damm in Berlin, pregnant women and mums can order their Whoppers in the wildest combinations.

The fast-food giant promises: The burger will then be on the house!

A total of nine specially assembled whoppers are offered. “We combine everything you’re in the mood for,” Burger King advertises the strange creations.

The group continues: “Sweet, salty or both together – no expectant mother has to feel alone if she feels like very special food combinations.”

A selection of the weird Whopper variants

In addition to the meat, this whopper should also have strawberry ice cream and fries between the slices of bread rolls…

Photo: Burger King

... and in this variant, vanilla ice cream and olives

… and in this variant, vanilla ice cream and olives

Photo: Burger King

Last year, on International Women’s Day on March 8, Burger King fell heavily on this nose. The group’s British account had sniffed: “Women belong in the kitchen.” Then a huge shitstorm followed.

The fast food giant later clarified under the tweet that he wanted to point out with the provocative sentence that only 20 percent of all cooks and chefs in Great Britain are women. Burger King wants to change this, for example through targeted grants.

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The group apologized, deleted the original tweet and wrote: “Next time we will do better.” It is questionable whether the new campaign will be better received. on Instagram they took many users with humor.


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