Buffalo: Eight dead in US shooting

Rampage in the USA!

A man is said to have shot several people in a supermarket in Buffalo (a city of 280,000 in the state of New York). US media report at least ten dead. The man sometimes executed his victims with shots in the head.

At least three other people were injured in the mad act – two of them seriously, as the local police announced via Twitter.

After the shooter was arrested, people gathered in front of the site of the mass murderPhoto: Joshua Bessex/AP

Police reportedly arrested the shooter. Pictures online show a white man in camouflage clothing being led away. The gunman is said to have worn a bulletproof vest and helmet and shot with a semi-automatic weapon. He is also said to have streamed the bloodbath live on the Internet.

According to “BNO News”, the assassin is said to have previously published a 106-page manifesto on the Internet in which he described himself as a racist. The supermarket is located in a predominantly black neighborhood.

Police officers secure the area

Police officers secure the areaPhoto: Carolyn Thompson/AP

A witness who worked at the grocery store told the Buffalo News, “I heard gunshots. Shots, shots, shots.” He and other customers hid in the cold room until the situation was under control.

A Buffalo resident mourns outside the grocery store

A Buffalo resident mourns outside the grocery storePhoto: Joshua Bessex/AP

The killing spree happened around 2:30 p.m. local time. The attacker first shot four people in the parking lot of the “Tops” supermarket in Buffalo, killing three of them. Then the 18-year-old went to the supermarket and continued to fire around.

Among the dead at the store is a retired police officer who worked as a security guard there. Although the man shot the attacker several times, he was able to return fire because he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

The assassin streamed his act on social media.  A gun is seen in the passenger seat

The assassin streamed his act on social media. A gun is seen in the passenger seatPhoto: SOCIAL MEDIA/via REUTERS

Eleven of the 13 dead and injured were African Americans, police said. “It was clearly a racially motivated hate crime by someone from outside our community,” said Erie County Sheriff, where Buffalo is located, John Garcia. He called the attack “pure evil”.

According to prosecutors, the perpetrator faces life imprisonment for murder.


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