Budget: the government is already starting the political battle with LR

The Bercy teams are still working on it and the final decisions have not been made. But the Finance Bill (PLF) for 2023 is already causing friction between the government and LR, while the former is looking for a way to avoid adoption of the budget by resorting to Article 49.3 of the Constitution without going through the vote.

The Meeting of Entrepreneurs of France (REF) – the Medef summer university at the Longchamp racecourse – was thus the occasion this Tuesday of a speckled foil battle between Gabriel Attal, the Minister Delegate in charge of Accounts public, and Laurent Wauquiez, who therefore wanted to make public finance issues a marker of his political comeback, with no doubt the deadline for the 2027 presidential election in mind.

spirit of compromise

The Bercy tenant attacked head-on “certain political groups who want to vote against the PLF for symbolic reasons”, implicitly targeting certain statements recently attributed to the president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

The cancer of the assistantship that I denounced ten years ago, today we are there.

Laurent Wauquiez

“It’s easy to say on television sets that we are in favor of saving money, to then launch into a vast game of ‘who wants to burn billions’ when we are in the Hemicycle”, launched later The Minister. We must all work together, without taboos, and with a spirit of compromise. »

Waste hunting

Opposite, Laurent Wauquiez challenged him for this spirit of compromise, assuring that he did not want to embark on “a game of hot potatoes”. “I am not here this morning to claim that the right would do better,” he argued, while then explaining why he would do better, praising his work in restoring the accounts of his region.

“When you have such a mass of public spending, there is waste everywhere. So it is possible to reduce expenses, it is much less painful than what we think and it can be done without drama by tackling this waste, ”said Laurent Wauquiez, arousing many applause in the stands. .

The former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy also insisted on the fact that the recovery of public finances would go through “the difference between work and assistantship”. “The cancer of the assistantship that I denounced ten years ago, today we are there”, he assured.

Unemployment insurance reform… and pensions

The path therefore promises to be narrow in the fall for the parliamentary examination of the budget. What Bruno Le Maire, also present at Longchamp, recognized: “The right gives in, the left lets go of us, so I attack! This is the right time to continue the economic transformation of the country,” boasted the Minister of Economy and Finance to the assembly of business leaders. He reaffirmed the need to reform unemployment insurance, because “difficulties in recruiting are the main problem in many sectors”.

Above all, he insisted on the fact that “the pension reform remains decisive for the French Nation”. “The Head of State has given a timetable, evoking July 2023, so I would like it to be implemented in July 2023”, continued the Bercy tenant, even though the actors concerned show little going for now.

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