Budget 2023: “shock actions” against meat professionals in the sights of deputies

Posted Oct 7, 2022 9:15 AMUpdated on Oct 7, 2022 at 9:28 am

“One more amendment to muzzle civil society”. Forty NGOs and organizations signed a joint press release to denounce the proposal made by Marc Le Fur (LR) to crack down on associations “whose members are found guilty of acts of intrusion and/or violence against meat professionals. The amendment that the MP for Côtes-d’Armor tabled in the Finance Committee, as part of the examination of the draft budget for 2023, was adopted on Wednesday evening.

Concretely, he proposes to deprive the incriminated associations of the tax reduction to which they are entitled, in respect of donations. He also asks that they not be able to issue tax receipts, necessary to allow taxpayers to benefit from the tax reduction.

“For many months, agricultural professionals have been constantly alerting the public authorities and parliamentarians to the multiplication of acts of ill will towards farmers on the part of anti-species activist associations”, pleads the Breton deputy. “These associations are guilty of shock actions of great violence”, he continues, mentioning the actions committed against “breeders, slaughterers, food professionals, butchers-charcutiers”.

Civil disobedience

L214 Ethics and Animals, which revealed mistreatment in certain slaughterhouses via videos shot with a hidden camera, but also Greenpeace, France Nature Environnement, Attac, Oxfam and others decided to react together, following the vote of the deputies of the commission finances.

“If this amendment were really voted in plenary, it would hit all the organizations that denounce the abuses of our agricultural and industrial system, in particular through actions of civil disobedience”, write the forty organizations. “We therefore call on the deputies to reject this amendment during the passage of the text in plenary session”.

The animal question is no longer a minor subject for parliamentarians. In October 2021, Parliament passed a majority bill to strengthen the fight against animal abuse. However, two sensitive subjects had been ruled out: hunting and breeding.

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