Brutal attack – man (35) kills 46-year-olds, injures two children

Brutal attack in the village of Hohenfels in the district of Konstanz: According to the police, a man (35) attacked a 46-year-old on Saturday at around 12.30 p.m. on the premises of a company complex, fatally injuring him.

The attacker then attacked two children (12, 9) and seriously injured them. A witness who arrived at the scene a short time later called the police. The officers were able to arrest the suspect on the spot.

He was hospitalized, as were the two children. One of them was flown to a clinic in a rescue helicopter.

What exactly happened and what the trigger for the act could be is currently completely unclear, said a press spokeswoman to BILD. “Forensics is still on site.”

No further information was given about the victims, including whether they were a father and his two children. The police did not want to say anything about the weapon or the type of injury. The question of whether the attacker could already be questioned also remained unanswered.


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