Britta Taddiken (50): Pastor of St. Thomas Church in Leipzig has cancer

Leipzig – “Britta Taddiken, first pastor at the Thomaskirche, has cancer.”

The Evangelical Lutheran Parish of St. Thomas sent this sad message on Tuesday. The 50-year-old pastor has been in treatment since September.

Britta Taddiken will probably not hold church services for a year and will not be able to carry out her other tasks, said her speaker Monika v. Seggern-Mattheis.

The obligations will be assumed by others. The speaker: “The parish is doing everything in its power to let the events take place as usual and to continue to carry out the tasks in all other areas.”

Britta Taddiken will be represented by Prof. Dr. Andreas Schüle. He should take over services and motets and also be active in pastoral care.

“The parish of St. Thomas thanks the University of Leipzig in large measure for this kindness,” said Pastor Martin Hundertmark, who is in charge of the parish until further notice.


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