Bring luxury hotel style into your home

Caring for the bed, hanging pictures or bringing flowers and plants into the house… is a way to turn a home into a luxury resort.


An attractive hotel must have a clean, tidy space. So first, you should arrange everything in the house in order.

You can hide solids in cabinets or drawers, but visible clutter isn’t the look of a luxury hotel.

Create fragrance

Designer Leia T. Ward, USA, said that luxury hotels have a very typical scent. So let the scent of flowers, fruits or any smell you love fill the house.

Many places make use of candles to create their own pleasant smell, evoke a feeling of peace and attract guests. You can put scented candles in the bathroom, coffee table, even the sink.

Invest in a bed

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. So the investment in the bed is well worth it. If you do not have enough money to furnish the whole house, you should spend money on a mattress like a luxury hotel.

In addition, interior designer Anouska Hempel believes that a good bed creates a strong focal point for the space. “Decorate the bed beautifully with pretty linens and 6-8 pillows. The key is to make it an attractive and special place for yourself,” notes the expert.

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Choose warm light

Selina McCabe, an expert in architectural interiors, believes that light is an indispensable element to create positive emotions, whether in a dinner party, living room or to read a book at night in bed.

Invest in lamps such as chandeliers, wall lamps… Interior experts also suggest that you should choose sun blinds with coatings, because they can control privacy and light in personal space.

Make a bar

We are all fascinated by hotel bars, so create your own bar at home to entertain. You can add lights from above or simply decorate the bar, filled with beautiful glassware and a bowl of fresh oranges and lemons.

Design a bathroom like a spa

Creating a spa-like bathroom is one way to turn your home into an elite retreat. Invest in towels and get yourself a luxurious bathrobe, scented soap.

Decorative mirror will also help the bathroom as a work of art, increasing the elegance of the space.

Bring plants and flowers into your living space

The green color of plants helps to complete any space, bringing both color and aroma into the house. A large flower is always luxurious and cools the room.

If there is a lobby in front of the house, a table should be placed in the center, placing a large bouquet of flowers, creating luxury.

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