Bright, dazzling, thrilling: the cinema releases on July 28

Tehran Law ***

by Saeed Roustayi

Iranian movie, 2:14

Grand Prize and Critics’ Prize at the last International Police Film Festival, this high-tension thriller brings a policeman and a trafficker face to face with nothing to lose in an Iranian capital plagued by drug use. Combining quasi-documentary realism with an extremely neat form, this suffocating camera keeps us in suspense until its outcome.

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♦ True Mothers ***

by Naomi Kawase

Japanese movie, 2:20

This luminous melodrama on adoption, signed Naomi Kawase, completes the prolific filmography, in the pantheistic style, of a filmmaker of delicacy.

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Witches of the Orient ***

by Julien Faraut

French film, 1 h 40

This documentary takes its name from a legendary Japanese women’s volleyball team. World champions and gold medalists at the 1964 Olympic Games, these players still hold the impressive record of 258 consecutive victories today.

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Milla **

by Shannon Murphy

Australian movie, 1:58

This Australian film delivers a dazzling portrait of a teenage girl suffering from cancer, in love with a young man far from pleasing his parents.

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Fathers profession *

by Jean-Pierre Améris

French film, 1 h 45

Jean-Pierre Améris adapts Sorj Chalandon’s novel by adding aspects of his family history and an unwelcome whimsical tone worn by Benoît Poelvoorde.

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