Bricklayer, salesperson, accountant… Interim salaries revealed

What salary can I claim? The answer is not obvious for temporary workers. Also, the barometer published this Thursday, February 18 by Mistertemp ‘sheds precious light. Job by job, it reveals the average salaries offered in mid-February in its branch networks (Aquila RH, Lynx RH, Vitalis Medical and Mistertemp ‘). It is therefore indeed wages practiced in the interim, and not in CDD or CDI.

In the service sector, a salesperson earns on average 1,569 euros gross per month (i.e. 10.35 euros gross per hour), not counting the end-of-contract bonuses, which amount to almost 20% ( precariousness and equivalent paid leave). An interim accountant is offered 2,023 euros gross (13.34 euros per hour), and an assistant accountant, 1,777 euros (11.72 euros per hour).

In logistics, a handler is paid on average 1,559 euros gross (10.28 euros per hour) – the equivalent of the minimum wage (1,554.58 euros gross). An order picker earns barely more (1,584 euros gross, 10.45 euros an hour), while a forklift operator receives 1,630 euros gross (10.75 euros an hour).

These are averages, as compensation may also vary with experience », Specifies Jean-Loup Wirotius, marketing director of Mistertemp ‘.Esther Duflo: “The poor are the biggest losers from the crisis”

Better paid in the industry

Average wages are higher in the industry. An interim production agent receives 1,598 euros gross (10.54 euros per hour), a line operator receives 1,657 euros gross (10.93 euros per hour), a maintenance technician, 1,880 euros gross (12.40 euros gross per hour) and a turner-miller, 1,926 euros gross (12.70 euros per hour).

These two sectors have regained vitality. The volume of offers offered by Mistertemp ‘in the industry in early February was 8% higher than the same period a year ago, before the health crisis. In logistics, it is 12% higher. While conversely, the number of offers in catering was divided by four (-78%) compared to last year.

Very affected at the start of the health crisis, the building sector has regained its colors. A temporary laborer is paid 1,578 euros gross on average (10.41 per hour), a tiler, 1,880 euros gross / month (or 12.40 euros gross per hour), a carpenter, 1,759 euros gross (11.60 euros per hour), an electrician, 1,795 euros gross (11.84 euros per hour), a mason, 1,806 euros gross (11.91 euros per hour).

As for the average duration of temporary contracts, “ it revolves around 1 month, with strong variations depending on qualifications », According to Jean-Loup Wirotius.

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