Bremerhaven polar researchers take off: Lufthansa’s longest flight

Frankfurt / Bremerhaven – Lufthansa has never flown this far!

Due to the corona, Lufthansa does not fly often at the moment – but its longest flight is ahead!

On February 1st, Lufthansa will take off for the longest passenger flight in its history with polar researchers from the Bremerhaven Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) for the Falkland Islands.

The flight time for the 13,700 kilometer route from Hamburg to Mount Pleasant is expected to be 15 hours. On board the “Airbus A350-900” there will be 92 scientists and crew members of the research icebreaker “Polarstern”.

The special flight occurred because the usual route via Cape Town was not possible there due to the critical Covid infection situation.

The “Polarstern” is setting off from the Falkland Islands on her Antarctic expedition. The scientists want to collect data on polar and climate research in the Southern Ocean.

The AWI will financially offset the CO2 emissions of the flight through the organization “Atmosfair”. The money will be used to build a biogas plant in Nepal.

In order to comply with the high hygiene requirements, the 92 passengers and the crew of almost 20 people went into a two-week quarantine last Saturday. Self-isolation is also necessary after your return.

“Despite the restrictions for the crew, 600 flight attendants alone applied for this flight,” said flight captain Rolf Uzat.


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