Breaking ground, how is the new year’s departure?

Cultural researcher Pham Dinh Hai said that, studying carefully about feng shui and god of killing, said that instead of choosing age, homeowners should choose good people to break into the house.

His father for thousands of years had chosen to break ground according to this principle, but today we have done it differently and seem to be wrong, far from the original. In principle, each person has their own luck depending on the year of luck. People with good luck are the most important criteria to choose the age to break into the house.

What is a person with good fortune?

The decisive criteria to choose the age to break ground are: the family is good and virtuous, the children and grandchildren are harmonious, the husband and wife are in harmony, they can make a living. That person himself is kind, has high morals, is upright, has a good reputation in his family and society.

Second, the person who stormed the ground did not pulse, shape, break, or sit (in harmony) with the fortune of the god of management (Thai Tue).

Feng shui, theology and the calendar in general agree that in any year of the zodiac, Tai will be in that animal. In 2022 (Nham Dan), Thai Tue is stationed in the Tiger Palace (Northeast direction), the term of the Tiger year is called “Thai Tue Han” or “Tui Tu”.

Accordingly, the fortune of Thai Tuoi in 2022 is not suitable for the following ages: Body, Rooster, Dog; Therefore, these ages should not be chosen to break into the house. The age of the Snake committed “Thai age”, the age of the Pig “breaking the Thai Tue” also did not give priority to storming the land.

“It should be understood that the fortunes of people born in the year of the Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig are not suitable for the year of the Pig in 2022, but not themselves (or their five-element life) which is not suitable for the owner,” Hai noted. .

According to Mr. Hai, it is possible to choose the age of ground breaking on the basis of a combination of the two criteria mentioned above and applying the principle of “three unions” (ie, gas harmony). Accordingly, in 2022, it is possible to choose a person who breaks the ground as a person of good virtue in the following groups:

The age group of the Monkey, the Tiger and the Dragon (The owner of the year of the Than chooses the age of the Rat and the year of the Dragon. The owner of the age of the Rat and the year of the Dragon chooses the age of the Rat and the year of the Dragon, not the age of the Monkey this year). The remaining three groups include the Ti-Dau-Ox; Pig-Moo-Moi and Dan-Ngoc-Tuat also choose the same.

Departure at the beginning of the year

Exodus is often used to refer to trips with purposes such as taking office or receiving a new assignment in another locality, going to work far away from home; the latter also means to travel; the case of going from one place to another to perform a certain job is called “departure” or “departure”.

Departing at the beginning of the year after New Year’s Eve is actually “departing” to pick up good fortune, not “departing” in the original sense of the word. According to feng shui researcher Phan Vu Manh Duc (Vietnam Center for Human Potential Research), it is not necessary to choose a good date and time to “depart, depart”, because this activity is time dependent. depending on the requirements, the nature of the work, the administrative regulations and the specific situation.

At the beginning of the year, going to pick good fortune is not called “departure”. However, in order to avoid anxiety, haunting the whole year when not choosing a beautiful time to depart, people can “depart” to collect fortune right after New Year’s Eve.

Regarding the direction of departure, this year the South and North directions focus on prosperity, which are two directions of great benefit. Prosperity is concentrated in four directions each year. Departure (departure) to pick fortune should choose 1 of those 4 directions.

This year the North direction is favorable for luck and love; South direction favors harmony and love. There is a proverb that says “harmony generates wealth”, so every year people give priority to choosing the direction of “great benefit” for their departure. The remaining two good directions, the Southeast (benefit of mandarin fortune) and the Northwest (profit of business and fortune) can also be chosen.

Children in Hanoi are taken by their families for a spring trip at a flower street in Hoai Duc district in 2021. Photo: Hai My

Mr. Duc emphasized: “Choosing a good direction to depart at the beginning of the year is only one of the necessary conditions, psychological preparation, not a sufficient condition. For example, if you want to be promoted to an official position, you must have health, intelligence, cultivation, determination to strive and many other factors. It is not every departure to the Southeast that leads to promotion, but to the Northwest is to become a rich man.”

In case of departure to take office, receive a new task, go to work far away from home, travel or open or open a store, you can refer to and choose a number of suitable dates and times below:

Release date in 2022

– January 1st: From 23h-1h; 3h-5h; 11am-15pm

– January 2nd: 15:00-19:00

– January 7th: 3am-7pm

– January 8th: 9am-11am; 15-19h

– January 9th: 7:00am-9:00pm

– January 11th: 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; 11 a.m. to 13 p.m.; 3pm – 5pm

Annual opening date 2022

– January 7th: 5:00 am – 7:00 pm; 11am-15pm

– January 11th: 5am-7pm

– November 17: 9am-11am

– January 19: 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m

The custom of opening a pen at the beginning of the year

Opening the pen is one of the rituals for children entering school for the first time, the custom is called “breaking the ass” (giving up ignorance, ending childhood, starting school age).

The first teacher (the teacher who started the butt) used a marker to soak the lipstick (chusa) with a dot of lipstick in the position between the two ends of the student’s eyebrows, called the opening of the eyes, which means that they wish you bright eyes. Yes, study hard and study well. Then hold hands to guide the children to write the character (person) and explain morality and etiquette.

The cinnabar point is called enlightenment; Floating drums wakes you up, your eyes and ears are bright, it’s called intelligence. Instructing the children to write the human character called “mieu Hong” implying that in the opening stage (such as today’s primary school), the focus is on teaching morality and etiquette to be human.

Many families in Hanoi still keep the tradition of going to the Temple of Literature - Quoc Tu Giam to ask for letters on the first day of the year.  Photo: Giang Huy

Many families in Hanoi still keep the tradition of going to the Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam to ask for letters on the first day of the year. Photo: Giang Huy

In addition, there were activities such as the principal giving a welcome speech, telling the children the first lesson of learning to be human; and at the same time encourage them to voice their wishes; organized for students who already know how to write, write a few words or a sentence with the meaning of luck and auspiciousness on a piece of paper and then hang it on a tree in the school like a couplet… to make the atmosphere, the scene of the session. opening school like a festival.

Perhaps stemming from the above-mentioned admission ceremony, gradually formed the custom of writing at the beginning of the year, mainly among Confucian intellectuals, mandarins and cultural and artistic personalities, concentrated in cultural centers. urbanization, urban areas and some developed localities, some of the clans have passed the exam.

From after New Year’s Eve to the full moon of January (January 15 of the lunar calendar) every year is the time to hold the pen opening ceremony. The declarant should dress neatly, prepare a full “office of the four treasures” (pen, paper, paper, ink) and seal (name stamp or pseudonym, stage name, nickname… in lieu of a signature) … Choose a good time, write the first words of the new year, can be a word, a sentence, a poem, a couplet… expressing your will, aspiration or praising the country, river or country , spring, bless parents, brothers, friends, descendants. Usually people write on red paper, yellow brown paper or good paper to keep and give gifts.

Cultural researcher Pham Dinh Hai said: “The beginning of the year can be done in a private, family or community space. The writer conveys his feelings, aspiration for luck, success in study, and success in school. career through each pen stroke, each sentence, each word”. This is a cultural activity that demonstrates the tradition of studiousness, the nation’s spirit of respect for teachers, moral education and profound humanity. Pen opening ceremony is often held in association with the custom of word, word play, calligraphy… in early spring festivals.

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