Braised pork rolls are delicious without being bored

The soft, non-fat, rich spring rolls are very suitable for white rice on cold days.

The pig’s trotter does not take much effort, on the contrary, it is easy to do with simple ingredients.

– 1.5 kg of pork sausage

– 1 teaspoon coconut color

– 1 teaspoon of brown sugar

– 5 tablespoons fish sauce

– 1 tablespoon chili sauce

– 1 tablespoon soy sauce

– 1 pinch of five flavored powder

– Some garlic cloves, sliced

– Some purple onion slices


– Wash the legs and let them dry.

– Marinate the trotters for 30 minutes with colored water, brown sugar, fish sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce, five flavored flour, garlic and onions.

– Put on the kitchen slug to create color for the pig’s rolls. Just let the small fire turn the pig’s rolls back and forth to allow the marinade to soak up the beautiful color, until it is almost empty. This stage is to marinate the pig’s rolls, until you put water in the warehouse, it will not lose color.

– Then fill the sausage with water over low heat. Remove all the onion and garlic to make the water clear. Another secret is squeezing into a piece of lemon when the water is stored, the water will not be cloudy and the meat will be tender. When the meat is tender as desired, season to taste again to taste.

Boiled pork rolls are delicious without being bored - 2

Finished meat is soft but not crushed, it is very delicious and tastes like traditional Chinese braised meat.

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