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  • Clean fish, scrape off the black membrane and blood in the abdomen. Use lemon, salt seeds to rub and soak in water to wash rice, wash to remove fishy smell. Let the fish absorb the spices faster and make the meat firmer. Put the fish in a thin basket, pour hot water at 80 degrees to bend the fish (or put the fish in the pot to boil, turn off the stove). Then, just marinate the fish with 1 tablespoon of granulated salt first to help the fish taste and firm.

  • Galangal, washed and sliced ​​thinly. Peel the onion, wash it, keep the onion shell to keep it very fragrant. Dried chillies are washed and left whole.

  • Wash off all the plastic. Braise the filling with warm water (golden ratio ”3 boiling, 2 cold”), cover until soft, take out, remove seeds, set aside. Bacon just washed, cut into bite-sized pieces.

  • Mix stock sauce: 1.5 bowls of boiling water, 4-5 tablespoons of stock, 4-5 tablespoons of fish sauce, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 2 teaspoons of salt, 1 teaspoon of seasoning, 1 teaspoon pepper. Stir until the sauce mixture is melted.

  • Stocking fish in a cast iron or clay pot is the best. Arrange galangal, sliced ​​ginger on the bottom of the pot, followed by fish, black filling and pork belly alternately. On top add galangal, ginger, onion, onion peel, black filling. Finally, pour the stock sauce into the pot to coat it.

  • The way to cook delicious fish is to cook 2-3 times over the fire so that the meat is rich and the bones are soft. The first time: Turn on high heat for the fish to boil for about 10 minutes, skim off the foam and then lower the heat to simmer for about 1 hour. At this time, re-season the seasoning to suit, the braised fish should be bold. Turn off the stove to cool the fish, this is also the time to help “salmon” and more flexible. After that, continue to store fire for the 2nd and 3rd time in the same way. Pay attention to add boiling water when the stock is almost dry, to avoid burning the fish. Store fish for at least 3 hours, the fish is new, it’s delicious, if it’s stored for more than 8 hours, the fish will be firm on the outside but soft and delicious inside. To make the fish beautiful, when the warehouse is almost done, open the lid, drizzle a little bit of water or cooking oil.

  • Finished product requirements: Each piece of fish is firm, rich in flavor, with a rich black filling, with the aroma of galangal, attractively mixed broth, very “wasting rice” in winter weather.

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