Boxing waves: Mike Tyson is going to fight Holyfield, afraid of ear biting?

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 16:35 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) After a performance with Roy Jones Jr on November 29, boxing legend Mike Tyson confirmed that he still wanted to continue to the top.

Video match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr:

In the match with Roy Jones Jr, “Steel fist” is appreciated for keeping his movement speed and hitting quite well even at the age of 54. After 8 innings, the referee decided the draw for 2 American legends . However, some fans believe that “Steel puncher” deserves to win when having better performance.

Mike Tyson still wants the radio

After the match, Tyson promised next time: “I’m glad I didn’t get killed, I’ll fight better the next time and keep going up in the show. I’m happy going through 8 innings with Jones Jr. That is real fighting, has endurance. You won’t beat them all. I don’t expect to win. I just want to fight through 8 rounds and contribute to the audience ”.

With Tyson’s decision to continue competing, fans immediately questioned his opponent. Recently, Roy Jones Jr’s manager, Zolt Barna, said two punches could reunite in a match in Moscow (Russia).

“A rematch could happen. Anything can happen. The great idea is that the rematch is taking place in Russia, in Red Square. Roy loves Russia, Russian history, the people of Russia, he has great respect for the culture and also the Russian athletes and boxers, ”Barna shared on RT.

Meanwhile, Rafael Cordeiro, the coach of Tyson, revealed the 54-year-old legend can play three games next year, but those are all performance matches. One of the rivals of Mike “Steel” is very interested Evander Holyfield is still training and waiting for the right time to return.

The 58-year-old former boxer is more likely to compete with Tyson for the third time. In the 2 previous meetings, Holyfield was the winner, in which the second rematch was an unforgettable event of boxing. world, when Tyson had bitten off Holyfield’s ear and was defeated.

If the third station with Mike Tyson, the puncher nicknamed “The Real Deal” is asking for at least $ 25 million in remuneration. According to CBS Sports, Mike Tyson netted $ 10 million after the match with Jones, excluding TV rights and advertising sponsorship. The 54-year-old legend said it would make the majority of charity the $ 10 million.

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