Boxing star was accused of sexual abuse by the beauty, Pacquiao gave a benevolent hand

Sunday, April 18, 2021 00:21 (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, Martial arts hot news) In the midst of preparing to compare gloves with former UFC star Ben Askren, Youtuber “has many talents,” Jake Paul has just been accused by the famous beauty TikTok, Justine Paradise. ” with me.

TikTok beauty accused the Boxing star of “playing a debauchery game”

Recently, on the personal You Tube page, the famous TikTok beauty Justine Paradise has posted a 21-minute video clip titled: “Emergency warning: Jake Paul sexually assaulted me”.

In this video clip, the 24-year-old beauty accused Youtuber and famous boxer Jake Paul for forcing her to have oral sex and touching her body without her consent.

Jake Paul was accused by the beauty Justine Paradise about a sexual abuse scandal

According to Paradise, this scandal occurred during a visit to Paul’s house in California (USA) around June or July 2019.

“He (Jake Paul) didn’t ask for any consent from me or anything like that,” said Paradise. That’s obviously not good at all. I have never received an apology from him. I let you kiss me, hold my hand and we dance in your room doesn’t mean you are allowed to do that ”.

Justine Paradise also said that the reason why she had until now denounced Jake Paul of messing with her was because he had been forced to sign an agreement that forced her to keep quiet. But now, Paradise said she decided to speak up because she did not want to be tormented every day because of the tragedy that Jake Paul “humiliated”.

Meanwhile, Paul just posted a long message on his Twitter personal page on Tuesday (April 13). In it, this guy accused Paradise of slandering him: “Sexual assault allegations are not something that I or anyone should take lightly. But apparently, the statement from Paradise against me is 100% wrong.

According to Paul, Paradise has created a “blatant fabrication to attract public attention” to direct attention to adult content websites and an online business stall owned by this girl. The popular Youtuber also threatened to sue Paradise for slander.

Video of the beauty Justine Paradise denouncing Jake Paul of sexual abuse:

Pacquiao challenged Asians who discriminated against

The Asian American community has suffered a lot of unfair discrimination, which has caused outrage in public recently because many whites believe that Asians are the cause of the spread of Covid-19 across the country. world.

Frustrated by this, Filipino semi-Chinese boxing legend Manny Pacquiao called for an end to the hatred of Asians. “Pac Man” said: “We share the same blood! Stop discrimination. Spend love and peace with everyone. If anyone hates Asians, fight me! “

Boxing star was accused of sexual abuse by a beauty, Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is ready to “treat” those with Asian hatred ideas

Southeast Asian martial arts star won super speed, successfully defended ONE Championship belt

On April 14, Christian Lee – a famous Canadian mixed martial artist whose father is a Singaporean Chinese and a Korean mother took 73 seconds to knock out Russian rival Timofey Nastyukhin in the Event on TNT 2.

Thereby, Lee successfully defended the ONE Championship championship world light for the second time in a row. This is the sixth consecutive victory of 22-year-old boxers from Vancouver in this arena.

Boxing star was accused of sexual abuse by a beauty, Pacquiao

Christian Lee (right) blasts Timofey Nastyukhin

Video of Christian Lee’s impressive victory over Timofey Nastyukhin:

Demetrius Andrade denounced his world champion opponent as a despicable liar

Former middle-class boxing champion who held the WBO belt Demetrius Andrade recently criticized Billy Joe Saunders, a martial artist who once held the world championship belt.

They had a match up agreement in November 2018 in Massachusetts (USA) but the match was canceled because the local boxing association found that Saunders tested positive for the forbidden substance.

A few months ago, Saunders revealed his desire to match Andrade in the ring. But Andrade recently said that Saunders just wanted to take advantage of his name to “polish” the match between Saunders and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez on May 8 at AT&T Stadium (Arlington, Texas, USA).

“He (Saunders) is a con, a liar, a disgrace. I can’t wait for the moment when I can punch him. I’ll force him to get up! ”Andrade said on Brian Custer’s Last Stand Podcast.

Boxing star was accused of sexual abuse by a beauty, Pacquiao

Billy Joe Saunders (left) was scolded badly by Demetrius Andrade

Boxing legend De La Hoya closes the schedule of former UFC king Eddie Alvarez?

After spending several months training their bodies, 48-year-old boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya and his coaching staff are actively negotiating with former UFC light world champion Eddie Alvarez.

The match between De La Hoya and Alvarez may take place on July 3. If that happens, De La Hoya will be back in the ring almost 15 years after retiring.

Boxing star was accused of sexual abuse by a beauty, Pacquiao

Eddie Alvarez (left) can be the rival of Oscar De La Hoya’s comeback

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