Boxing boxer committing crimes: Drunk, punching a colleague on the train

Friday, November 6, 2020 13:44 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Drinking too much alcohol can not control yourself, a martial artist suddenly becomes a criminal.

Nikita Ivanov, a Russian heavyweight puncher, was caught up in the labor circle when illegally assaulting people. According to Russian media reported on November 2, due to excessive alcohol use, Ivanov had an argument with his colleague Bassir Mirsiyabov and both sides got into a fight while riding the train.

Russian boxer Nikita Ivanov fell into the ring of labor

More quickly, the 34-year-old boxer launched many punches, causing Mirsiyabov to fall. Due to the heavy blow, Mirsiyabov fell and fell into a coma, according to the Russian press, the fighter “is facing death”. Immediately the Russian police summoned and temporarily detained Ivanov.

Ivanov used to have many memorable titles. In 2009, a boxer born in 1986 won the national championship in the 81kg weight class and was a worthy opponent of the WBC champion, IBF Artur Beterbiev.

In 2011, Ivanov won the gold medal at the European Championship. Two years later, he won gold in this arena after defeating rival Peter Mullenberg. According to Boxrec, Ivanov has a record of 42 wins, 7 losses in the amateur playground. This puncher is currently playing in small playgrounds.

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