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Monday, January 4, 2021 16:08 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) “Golden Boy” Boxing, Ryan Garcia has an impressive victory at the beginning of the new year 2021.

Video of the impressive knockout screen of “Golden Boy” Boxing on 3/11

Even in the early days of 2021, Boxing fans saw an attractive light belt match (56 – 60 kg). The above-mentioned comparison was the highlight match at the Boxing event held in Texas, (USA) on January 3.

“Golden Boy” Boxing, Ryan Garcia had an impressive comeback on January 3

After 20 victories, the boxer was dubbed the “Golden Boy” Boxing, Ryan Garcia is holding the WBC silver belt, he entered the 21st professional match with the goal of winning the empty WBC light belt.

The opponent of the 22-year-old American puncher is British puncher Luke Campbell, who won the 2012 Olympic Games gold medal, this puncher also won the 2011 world runner-up, 2008 European championship. Campbell is (20 wins, 3 losses), he is currently the lightweight silver WBC belt holder.

Compared with “Golden Boy”, Campbell lost 3cm in height and arm span was also more disadvantageous, but in the first two rounds he played completely overwhelmed. In the second half, Campbell hit a powerful punch in the face, causing the American opponent to fall back.

Martial artist punched

The 22-year-old boy holds the light WBC belt

But that was not enough to defeat the American “Golden Boy”. In the next rounds, the 22-year-old boxer with a height of 1m78 gradually regained his posture and dominated. In the 7th half, Ryan Garcia dodged the punch before launching a counterattack on the opponent’s abdomen, receiving this attack, Campbell collapsed painfully, his knees fell down and could not continue to compete.

The referee decided to give victory to American boxers. Broken emotions, the 22-year-old boxer was extremely happy, he jumped up to celebrate and cry deliciously. The 21st all-win game helped “Golden Boy” touch the light WBC belt for the first time.

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